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It would be nice to have, you know, an intro post that SAYS something, wouldn't it? Possibly about how the comm will be run?

Well, come on. We're talking about reality stars here.

(For future reference? Just figure any "stars" in conjunction with reality is in quote marks. It will make you feel better, I promise.)

This comm is here for if you have fic about reality stars. Or random pieces of canon about reality stars. Or pictures that you feel should inspire fic. Or just reality-type things you want to discuss with an eye towards accepting RPF. Or a porn battle/fic battle/whatever. Oh, and crossovers are fine too. We're pretty easy, over here.

Do not feel shy about re-posting or re-advertising your own stories here. We're talking reality television; if you aren't self-promoting, you're doing it wrong.

Just remember that, you know, libel is still a prosecutable offense, and disclaimers are everyone's friends. No one believes any of this is actually happening; this community rests on the premise that there is a line between the characters on the shows and the actual person who shares the same name and body type.

Also, this is probably not the community you want to link to in your fave reality star's MySpace. Really. If someone stumbles upon this, that's fine (...god, I hope that's fine), but there's really no reason to bring someone over. They're probably too busy going to Dolce anyway.

In conclusion, please try not to set any person, place, or thing on fire (yes, even Michael Skupin), and we should be good.
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